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Curt Claus Voigt began his apprenticeship in Mark Neukirchen, at the company Marma, Karl Bauer KG, a small factory in of 8-10 guitar makers, which manufactured in almost all types of guitars, including classical, jazz, and Hawaiian, as well as electric guitars and basses, mandolins and banjos. He also trained with his grandfather, Kurt Voigt, and father Günter Voigt, and with the master violin maker Hans Zölch to deepen his understanding of the historical instrument. Curt Claus passed his master’s examination in 1980 and began freelance work as a restorer of historical plucked instruments for museums and private collectors (Grassi Museum Leipzig, Erfurt Anger Museum, City Museum Meiningen; Volkskundemuseum Teodone, Brunico, South Tyrol and others). In 1988 he took over the company Kurt Voigt & Son from his father and moved to Wasserburg am Inn, Upper Bavaria. Curt Claus continued his education through workshops with Jose Romanillos (in 1991 and 1994) and with numerous studies of historic instruments in museums and private collections throughout France, England, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and Spain.

Marc-Julian Voigt

Marc-Julian Voigt began training as a luthier with his father Curt Claus Voigt in 2006. He successfully completed his studies at the Fachschule für Instrumentenbau (College for Instrument Making) in Mittenwald in 2009. In 2010 he studied with Wolfgang Früh in Paris where he learned restoration of historic guitars and lutes. Today Marc-Julian works independently in his father’s workshop.

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