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For me, Siccas Media is an opportunity to be heard.
In addition to becoming part of a community that brings together guitarists from all over the world.
The publication through Siccas Media brought attention to my person and my work, which was reflected by a wave of subscribers in social networks, on my personal YouTube channel. I also received several offers of cooperation in various projects, as the organizers, having come across my video, were interested in working with me. I was insanely happy with the attention that fell on the share of my video clip and did not even expect to gain more than 150 thousand views. What I consider the most important thing for me is the incredible feedback from the listeners! On Siccas, no one wrote nasty things in the comments, and the criticism was always constructive. It is very important for me to get support from the audience and thus be inspired for new projects.

Valeria Galimova

Classical Guitarist

I’m very happy and grateful that this platform exists because Siccas Guitars has the biggest Classical Guitar YouTube Community worldwide and offers this wonderful opportunitiy to reach a lot of people that you couldn’t reach on your own with a small channel. It’s very supportive and you don’t even have to pay money for this service. I would always come back to Siccas Media for more video releases because there’s nothing comparable in the internet in my opinion. Also it gives upcoming guitarists the chance to be part of the channel even if they can’t come to Karlsruhe in person.
I would definitely recommend Siccas Media to any talented classical guitarist with the goal of reaching a bigger audience with his videos.

Max Müller

Classical Guitarist

Siccas Media is great because it promotes new artists from all over the world! Actually it is a big help to spread easier my music and to have visibility and feedbacks from all over the world. I recommend it to every musician who belives in his/her music and wants to share it widely… all this could create other opportunities for the future.

Benedetta Ricciardi

Classical Guitarist

In my view the Siccas Media channel plays a very important role in the diffusion on high quality music in the web, being a platform where well stablish musician, as well as the up coming generation, can expose their love for music through the guitar. Denis and his staff are attentive and super professional in their work, collaborating for a great experience of the musicians and the audience. My sincere appreciation to them.
Long life to the Siccas!
Victor Santana

Victor Santana

Classical Guitarist

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