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“In Giuliani’s work everything was together to be a perfect fit for the young artist. Arduous virtuosity, humor, dynamism, emotionality, which at every point were played with the exact intensity the piece desired; she applied her sensible, easy to follow and clear musical ideas dashingly, thus performing the work in its full glory.” Gábor Déri, Guitaracademy februar 05. 2012.
Borbála Seres is an outstanding young talent among the leaders of the international music scene. It is a lesser known fact, that almost every single international tournament Borbala has entered she has finished in the top three. This is an exceptional accomplishment in the mainly male dominated field of classical guitar.
Borbála Seres had her basic musical training received in Budapest under the direction of Prof. József Papp. From 1999-2004 she studied at the Leo Weiner Conservatory also with Prof. József Papp. In 2011 she graduated with honours at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna in the Class of Prof. Alvaro Pierri and Prof. Ahmed Noor Baluch.
She has been participating successfully in national and international competitions starting from a young age. She won first prize at the 12th International Biennial Guitar Competition in Kutná Hora at the age of 16. She has been participating in competitions in the highest age category since 2009 and won several prizes. Among other things, she won the first place at the Forum Gitarre Wien in 2012 and at the World Guitar Competition in Serbia in 2010, 2nd Place in Kutná Hora and as well as the 3rd Place in the international guitar competitions at Rust in Austria, in Split, in Belgrade, and in Petrer and Coria in Spain.
She performed a number of independent concerts at home as well as at many prestigious international festivals in European countries like Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Spain.
Besides performing as a guitarist, she is engaged in the methodology of guitar playing as well. She wrote her thesis on alternative practice methods: on the so called mental training and its practice on the guitar.

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