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We borrowed the name ‘BitterGreen’ from a romantic, melancholic title by the great Canadian singer and musical storyteller Gordon Lightfoot. That’s no coincidence, because that’s what it’s all about: songs that tell stories and create images in our minds.
Often the songs we cover are about human experiences: In ‘Silver Thunderbird’ Marc Cohn sings about his father and his beloved car, the legendary Ford Thunderbird, in which he even wants to be buried. The great country star Garth Brooks thinks about ‘If tomorrow never comes’ – what if there were no ‘tomorrow’ anymore and you had forever neglected to tell your partner how much you love him? Joshua Kadison’s ‘Painted Desert Serenade’ also touches us with a story: two old people escape from loneliness in their fantasies and decide that life must not be over yet.

The right mixture is what counts for us. In our repertoire you can find dreamy and melancholic things, like Tuck & Patti’s love anthem ‘Takes my breath away’, or disco hits like ‘More than a woman’ by the Bee Gees in a groovy acoustic version. And of course pop classics like Billy Joel’s ‘You’re my home’, which we play in an unusual arrangement with Andreas Mack on accordion, who also sets musical accents as a guest in some other songs.

It’s not enough for us to limit ourselves to playing guitar folk. Pieces originally composed for other line-ups – like ‘Cool Change’ by the Little River Band or songs by Tom Waits and the Eagles – appeal to us to interpret and rearrange them in an ‘unprecedented’ way.
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